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Stories from our whisky trail

The Wandering Dram joins Laphroaig photo contest

WE START THE YEAR IN A CANDID AND SMILEFUL WAY. To do this, we joined the Laphroaig photo contest. Lovers of Laphroaig around the world sent in their entries featuring their favourite Laphroaig whisky, highlighted in a backdrop of nice view, candid scenery and other creative ways of capturing their passion for this wonderful Islay single malt.

Our entry to the photo contest just presented itself spontaneously one morning.We were having breakfast,and our family member and sunshine of the house, Lonzo ,just took a pose …closed his eyes and waited for the breakfast meal.

A candid moment !

With breath held in, and a gentle press on the camera button, we made history.
Lonzo goes international,by being the photo model for an awakening cup of coffee served in a Laphroaig mug !!

lonzo with laphoaig mug 2

We request your support by giving Lonzo your vote for the photo contest. Many thanks !

Wishing you many lovely mornings that begin with a smile and a nice cup of coffee or tea.
( The wonderful whisky moment will be for the late afternoon or evening…)

Good reflections

It’s been a great year !

We take time to relax for a while…


and look back


– Life and Health
– bottling of our Scottish and Belgian whisky
– new whisky tasting ideas and opportunities
– new address for open whisky bottles event
– success in searching for rare whiskies for clients
– we survived the move to new headquarters
– web site visitors also from other countries
– Wandering Dram blogs and tweets
– Setbacks and challenges that made us learn and develop further

We thank our clients.
We thank God for providing.
We thank Nature for giving .

Let us make 2015 a fruitful, bountiful, healthy and a happy year.

Fabulous smoked scottish salmon


In the weeks before Christmas, we drove around some places in Belgium to deliver smoked salmon from the shores of Loch Ewe of Scotland. During the first week of December, we asked friends and clients for their orders, and delivered these in central pick up locations in West Flanders, Brussels and in the Ardennes days before Christmas.This allowed everyone to enjoy this fabulous product, and pay only a share of the transport cost.

The smokehouse Isle of Ewe owned by Alistair and Paula Gordon is located at the shores of the lovely Loch Ewe. Their cold smoked and warm roasted salmon won several gourmet awards.

We can just say it plainly : their salmon is really fabulous! One should have a pre- set self control before opening a salmon package.It is difficult to stop when one begins having a few small bites of it!