Autumn & winter vacation whisky tasting

To Axelvold_2

A thought came to us while walking in the colorful forest road during a sunny autumn afternoon.

Why not combine something good with something nice?
This would be awesome.
And for those of you who have not tried it yet, this is your moment.

But wait … who would want to change their cozy vacation routine and attend a tasting session? We bet some of you will, but we at The Wandering Dram think that there is something better. If you are spending your vacation in a cottage near to Houffalize, Wibrin, Nadrin, Achouffe in Belgium, we can do a whisky tasting in the coziness of your cottage at the heart of the belgian ardennes.

Imagine…the combination of wood fire, cozy sorroundings, and the different aromas of single malt whisky.This would be just great!