December dram magic


The cold wind of December blew gently from the North, as we all stood aroud the camp fire during our December whisky tasting.It was a spendid event, quite different from whisky tastings indoors. The magical twinkle of the small tree lights filled the place and the fact that we were all standing around the tasting table enabled us to look around and marvel the magical and almost nostalgic sight.

This is The Wandering Dram’s ‘December dram magic’ where we really chose to do the tasting outdoors,sorrounded by christmas lighting and decoration.And to add thrill and excitement, we did a blind tasting.

Everyone was in high spirits, and laughter echoed in the air as we explained how the blind tasting will be done. We wrapped all of the bottles in velvet cloth so no one can see the bottle, nor even make out its shape. We handed out pieces of paper to all participants where they can write their nosing and tasting notes, their guess what whisky is it and their name.

Each of the whiskies were presented – nosed and tasted.You should have heard the different things ‘under the lights’ that were smelled or tasted from the glass during the lively discussion among the tasting participants. This is the beauty of blind tasting – freedom from being biased or having a fixed expectation of nose, body and final aromas based on the name of the whisky, age,etc.
In a blind tasting, you just let your imagination and senses take over.

Everyone wrote down their guess on what whisky they have tasted, with their name on a piece of paper. When all of the papers have been submitted , we took off the velvet cloth around the bottle to show what whisky it was.

It was wonderful to note that some participants guessed the right whisky only from a very typical taste that they recognized. The guessing became more challenging and thrilling as we blind tasted two peated whiskies.

At the end of the blind tasting, the participant with the highest number of correct guesses received a Wandering Dram scottish gift box.We all had a great time.

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