Whisky Tasting takes on another path

We heard stories from friends and acquaintances  about  the discomfort of driving to their whisky tasting and heading back  after  about 2 hours of  fun. ” You know what this is like ? ” said Pieter in an animated tone, ” Stress to be on time, enjoy the evening, have fun for 2 hours, and then  drive back ! ”  he finished his summary with a sigh.   This made us stop on our tracks and thought of what can we do   about this.  Afterall, The Wandering Dram is out there to spread the news about whisky, and make as many people as possible  discover this wonderful product of nature and passion. We thought  that  we can still keep our organized whisky tastings for whisky clubs, beverage shops  and companies , but we can also do something else which takes the whisky tasting to another path. We will bring the whisky tasting to the people’s homes. So, off we went with trays of whisky glasses, bottles of whisky,  a map of Scotland, and other paraphernalia to many homes  and vacation cottages  where there are 10 or more people attending the whisky tasting. We all have great fun. Last Saturday, we had an awesome group of people who had their whisky tasting at their cottage in the Ardennes near to Vielsalm. They voted for Longrow  Rundlets and Kilderkins to be the best ‘ newly known whisky ‘ of the evening .

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